Carpentry is the original Sparrow Woodworking trade. We started out working with reclaimed lumber. From pallets to pole-barns, our focus was on turning orphaned wood into a part of the family. We design, build, and install custom cabinets, shiplap, bookcases, fireplace mantels, dining tables, sliding barn doors, and so much more.

Still passionate and focused on this, our calling, Sparrow Woodworking has evolved to include new focuses like technologically advanced CNC signage, 3D carvings, and engraving. This means we can now custom design even more intricate and unique bespoke creations.

Whether on-site, delivered, or carry-out, we'll design the perfect creative touches for your home.


Custom Designs

That unused space to the right of your television. That awkward gap in your dining room. That dusty area under your staircase. That dining table you saw on TV. We meet with you to measure, draw, and design custom creations to fill all those holes in your home. Giant sliding barn doors; dining tables to seat 12; built-in entertainment centers and bookshelves; monogram initials; picture frames; wall art; marquis lighted letters; benches; even giant adirondack chairs and misused semi-colons. 

We even draw out our creations in 3D Cad programs so you can get a look at exactly what it'll look like and how it'll fit before deciding on a final design.

Sliding Barn Doors

Most doors are boring boxes blocking a threshold, swinging in and out on standard, boring hinges. But doors can be so much more; modes of expression and tactile canvases of art. We have a passion for turning your bland doorways into stunning visual displays. 

Offering a vast selection, we use-in our opinion-the best American-made door hardware you can buy and custom build our doors to fit your doorways. 



Thanks to Chip and Joanna, shiplap has recently made a huge comeback. Prior to HGTV and the Gaines, and after its use as a literal ship-siding, shiplap was mostly used as an inexpensive way to cover outbuildings, sheds and barns. Now, everyone's doing it. And you should too. Or me. I mean you should have me do it for you. The shiplap. 


CNC & Milling Work

Utilizing state of the art software and a full-scale CNC router, Sparrow Woodworking can bring your 3D designs to life using a variety of materials like wood, aluminum, PVC, HDU, and more. We outsource for sign-shops and create things like:

  • Kitchen cabinetry and doors
  • Weather resistant signage
  • Golf course markers and outdoor signage
  • Address and mailbox signs
  • Custom stair balusters
  • Monogram lettering
  • Children's 3D puzzles, games, and learning towers
  • Picture frames and engravings
  • And much more

Click here for even more information about our CNC & Milling.

Repairing & Refinishing

From grand pianos to hall-tree benches and dining room tables, Sparrow Woodworking can bring your damaged or worn furniture back to life. 

  • Need a scratch repaired. Call us.
  • Broke a leg? We can fix it. Not your leg. The furniture leg. 
  • Husband set a hot plate on the table? Outta luck. Trash it. Just kidding. We can fix it. We also offer marriage counseling. It's not cheap. 
  • Tired of that 70's dresser? Let's strip it and put some new clothes on it. And in it. 


Signs & Lettering

We utilize CNC routing and advanced 3D programs to design and create custom outdoor and indoor signage and lettering for both business and residential needs utilizing materials such as:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Wood & MDF
  • PVC
  • HDU
  • And more